I had Kelly host a yoga event and it was phenomenal. All the attendees felt very relaxed and refreshed after! Not only that, but working with Kelly was nothing short of kind and professional. She was very accommodating and I’ll definitely be working with her again.


Kelly, your Friday night class was GREAT! This class was relaxing and really focused on getting rid of stress and tension but also gave a great workout. I loved how you incorporated yoga moves with a “Friday Night Beverage” (alcoholic or not). Very unique and fun! You are so personable and even though on Zoom, it felt as if we were in the same room. You are confident, patient and a very good instructor. I’m happy to keep stretching and strengthening with you!


Loved the incorporation is our drink during the TGIF yoga class! The calming energy of this class was the perfect way to wind down from your week!


I have missed taking my classes since the onset of Covid. Kelly is a great instructor absolutely the perfect person so happy and calming! I feel so good after. I also love the later class time I go to bed and have the best sleep!

Thanks Kelly can't wait for the next one's.


That class was a lot of fun. I liked that it was live and there were little blips, like when your daughter wanted to see you. It made the class feel more relaxed and personal. I joined because of the 'wine', and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the yoga also. Thanks, I will come again for TGIF! (And i'm inviting friends.)


Thanks so much for the last two classes. I'm trying to increase my flexibility and yoga is helping. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow and you always provide alternatives if needed. You have an easy going manner which is relaxing. After one of your evening classes, I fall asleep quickly and have a restful night's sleep.


I thoroughly enjoyed the class my daughter nicole introduced me to your class I’m live in Thunder Bay and have really enjoyed TGIF class thank you 😊


Kelly’s classes have such a great pace, and are very relaxing. She tailors her classes to your needs, and provides ways to alter your positions whether you are at an advanced or beginner level. I always look forward to her night classes after a busy day with two little ones!


First yoga class this evening. Good class and already signed up for the next one. Could understand Kelly's instructions and easy to follow along. Thank you


Love that it got my heart pumping. My favourite were the flows incorporated throughout.


First class tonight, a friend recommended it! I’m 54 and out of shape so it was awesome to get some great stretches in! Signed up for Friday as well, thanks so much!


Great! I am not super flexible but this worked for me. I feel very relaxed thank you Kelly!! I will definitely join again!


First yoga class ever! I lift weights everyday and was still challenged by this. However the instructor was courteous and respectful. She encouraged you to try what you can without pushing yourself over the limit. My muscles will thank you in the morning!