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My business is all about yoga, wellness, and helping people with their mental health by utilizing yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.
Meditation and yoga practice on a regular basis can help relieve many symptoms related to mental health conditions. As someone that has suffered from a mental health disorder myself, I would love the chance to show you the benefits!

Classes & Services

Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga Pose Looking Up

Yin Yoga

Mother and Baby

Mom & Baby Yoga


1:1 Mindfulness

Warrior Two

Power Yoga

Seated Side Bend

1:1 Yoga Session

Experience the benefits of yoga, relaxation and meditation through your pregnancy in any trimester.

Come relax with you and your baby. You both deserve a great workout and relaxation together.

Do you want fast-paced yoga with all the benefits? Power Yoga is quick, effective, and relaxing.

Mental health affects us all.
Come join me for a private mindfulness practice.

If you're not a crowd person, this is for you. A customized session with me in a private space.

Hosting an event where you'd like someone to come do a meditation session and/or yoga? I can help!

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